Monday, May 29, 2006

Contributions of Music and Poetry to an Earth Steward's Mindset

Music and poetry are two important subjects, for several reasons.

Music has the ability to focus visualization and intent. It has a hypnotic quality to it and can create an alternative state of consciousness without the need for any foreign substances being introduced into the human body.

Music has a way of carrying the message of words efficiently into the subconscious. Our choices in music should always be very carefully made. In music, all styles should be welcomed and cherished. We live in the most musically abundant period in history. The access to music and the level to wich it surrounds are daily lives are un-precedented at any time in the prior history of the human race.

The key point to music is that one should always choose uplifting songs over songs that convey anger, fear, and despair. It is far better to come at life from a position of hope, joy, or bliss than any of the "negative" emotions.

Much of the same may be said of poetry, especially if it is well-delivered. Poetry should be prctised and savored. It also can be a highly effective form of prayer and healing.

Many might ask what this has to do with "healing the Earth." The answer is that the spiritual and emotional tone of the Earth's caretakers has much to do with how effective they are able to be in their duties. An Earth Steward can heal nothing if they can not first heal their own emotional state.

Additionally, the collective state of mind and spirit has a huge cumulative impact on the quality of life on Earth, and not just human life. It is important to understand this in order to advance on any level. Each individual chooses what energy level they resonate with and amplify. Add them up, and you have the overall state of human existence at any one moment.

Music and Poetry - carefully and intentionally chosen - can help an Earth Steward retain valuable knowledge, set and emotional and spiritual tone, renew the will to care for the Earth and all upon it, withstand hardship and setbacks in life, and add beauty to their own quality of life. Lyrical works can thus become both tool and art form, useful and healthy.

On the other hand, too much music and poetry with negative content can lead to an over-arching sense of despair, despondency, and even anger and depression. Such works in too large a quantity can lead to a poorer outlook on life and steal away motivation.

An Earth Steward is therefore wise to choose carefully the content they place into their subconscious. May this understanding help you to find a personal level of joy in life.

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