Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Know your garden"

"Know your garden" - -- one of ten statements from the traditional Hopi Elders as told to Cho Qosh Auh Ho Oh, a Chumash/Yaqui/Maya Indian

When the whole Earth is your garden, there is a lot to learn and know - but when your garden is in your back yard, all those back yards add up.

Many, many indigenous people's prophesies speak of needing to care for the Earth in order to avoid disaster in the End Times. They also speak of needing to find peace in the world and end divisions between races and cultures, saying that we must all work together in order to avoid terrible consequences before the next world begins.

These instructions in prophesy are similar to the end times prophesies in the Bible in many respects as well - all come back to how Mankind is behaving, how we treat each other and the world we live in.

Know your garden indeed. Know every plant that you can eat when the time comes that things do not work as you'd think they do now. As the boyscout motto says, "be prepared."

Compost. Give everything back to the Earth that we do not need. Leave vile substances buried where they belong. Keep the world we were set here to care for clean and pure and filled with life and love.

These are the simple things in our hearts we all KNOW we should really be doing.

Somehow, we must break the insane cycles created by rampant capitalism and find a way to temper the capitalist system and it's technologies so that they are in perfect harmony with nature rather than trying to defeat nature.

It is time for us to join hands and become the Rainbow Warriors - the men and women of all races who work together to heal this world, whose weapons are peace and love, who finally bring technology, nature, and spirituality together into a unified existence that creates a free, loving, just world for all mankind.

We, the "ordinary people" must come together in order to achieve the extraordinary and bring this world into the Creator's plan in a fashion that shows we have accepted our responsibilities as the Creator's children and are finally growing up.

It is the only way to end the viscious cycles of greed imposed by the so-called "elite class" - who have proven themselves to be nothing but the ultimate in selfishness and soulless non-compassionates. In the end, if we do, perhaps even these people may regain their souls.

If we fail and let things go down the path of destruction, there may be very few of us left to pick up any pieces that might remain.

Time is short - time is now - now needs to be love.

Rev. Daniel

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