Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Game For Light Exercise: Bucket-Disk...

One Bucket-Disk (invented by Yours Truly) set: (4) aluminum tent stakes @ $0.79 each at Dick's Sporting Goods, (2) Home Depot bucets @ $3.00 each, one Disk Golf fairway driver @ $10-21.00 depending on brand & style. Notice how the bucket on the right is already tent-staked to the ground on either side of the white plastic handle grip. The disk hitting the back of the bucket would move the bucket otherwise, so would the wind on a windy day. Click on image to view full-size.

Set up buckets with openings facing each other 15 feet apart. Stake bucket handles so goals don't move. Stand behind your bucket and toss at the other bucket. Teams take turns, 1 throw each. First 20 duckets wins. Disk must be more than halfway in the bucket to count a ducket.

Teams toss at one bucket to see who goes first. Closest to bucket OR most duckets goes first.

Lose two duckets for your team if you hit another player, or physically get in front of your bucket while the other team is throwing. (Off-sides rule; throwing team must declare a throw starting and do a 5-count to let other players clear the target bucket. IE: "THROW-2-3-4-5")

Advanced rules: Get a 2nd disk. The off-turn team may attempt to throw a block at the throwing team's disk AFTER it has left the thrower's hand. Next person up on the off-turn team is also the blocking disk thrower. Lose a ducket for your team if you throw your block before the disk leaves the thrower's hand.

Skips off the ground still count as a ducket if the disk goes all the way into the bucket.

You get a very satisfying "THUNK" sound  when the disk bounces off the back of the bucket.

It's very easy to pack up and carry to the park or the beach.

Let fly!


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