Friday, June 09, 2006

I Just Saw "An Inconvenient Truth"

I Just Saw "An Inconvenient Truth"

Al Gore is certainly a very different person than I saw in the 200 campaign in this movie. If he had been his true self during his campaign, I think he would be busy doing something else today.

My wife and I both found this film compelling and well worth watching. The way global warming is explained in this work, and the photography and explanations used to drive home these points in ways everyone can understand are excellent. Plainly put, the evidence is irrefutable and Al will tell you exactly why.

I strongly recommend that everyone who can get their backside out to AMC Cantera 30 in Naperville to see this film. It's message is important and the message that people are listening is important for the theatre to get. I saw maybe 30 people in a theatre that could easily seat 200. We need to be out there ASAP if we haven't already.

Cantera 30 is easy to find. Take I-88 to Winfield Road and exit South on Winfield. Cantera 30 will be on your right as soon as you get South of the expressway. If we want to continue seeing Progressive films there, I'd suggest we support it.

I can't stress this enough - this is THE movie to see right now. Four stars from Roger Ebert. Multiple festival awards. The top film of the week grossed $39 million in 3000+ theaters. This film grossed $1.3 million in 77 theaters.

Please get out the audience to help save our planet.


  1. I agree - this was a great movie. I even bought several copies of it and gave it to friends.

    The next movie you need to see is "The 11th Hour", a documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio. He follows up on the same things that Gore said and goes further to give more details as well as possible solutions. Big solutions - not just change your light bulbs, but how we can actually redesign cities to fight global warming.
    This film was in the theatres last August and will finally be released on DVD in April. You can order it from Netflix or buy it directly from Amazon. Get it and watch it. Then go out and do something. Talk to friends. Buy less. Drive less. Be conscious. Make a difference.

    Peace, Jan in Hailey, Idaho

  2. Jan, thank you for your considerate response. I haven't seen The 11th Hour yet, but would very much like to. Each of us must do what we can, and improve as we go along. Little things add up over time, either way.