Monday, June 19, 2006

War Is An Affront To God And Earth...

War brings many perils to the ability of the Earth to support life.

First is the immediate destruction caused by war to natural habitats. Much wildlife is inadvertently killed, or intentionally killed to deny "the enemy" access to food and water in the hopes of removing his ability to resist. Waterways have been poisoned, as have wells. This leads to groundwater contamination and further destruction of habitat for creatures living in the war zone.

Once the army that destroys wild habitat and water sources has passed, the surviving local population will have no choice but to stress the remaining local populations of flora and fauna in a desperate attempt to survive. What rampant destruction doesn't get to, starving people will. This can even lead to the extinction of species in some cases, and reduced genetic diversity in species that do survive.

Additionally, war causes a human condition of anger, despair, despondency, hatred, and desires for revenge. How can the elevation of such dark states of the heart lead a person to be encouraged to perform the duties of Earth stewardship in the face of terrible losses, disfigurements, and grief? Only a few very exceptional individuals will rise through this terrible state to find ways to heal what is around them.

Another consequence of the human losses incurred in war is the loss of knowledge of the local ecology. Individuals with valuable skills and memory of the local environment often die without being able to pass such knowledge on.

War is a waste, of human life, of wildlife, of opportunities for growth and betterment, of the benefits that two cultures could bring to each other should they choose to see the best traits of the other culture involved in such conflicts rather than the worst.

Lastly, but far from least, killing life that God gave is not meant for the hands of men. It is forbidden in the ten commandments and has no place in the life of the true person of faith in Christ.

Acts of evil either initiated in jealousy or in response to other acts of evil only amplify evil in the world; there is no way to "remove evil from the world through combating it." Such tactics never work, they simply breed further violence and destruction. Those who embrace the tactics of death and worse, profit from death, are violating the will and spirit of God, regardless of the name they speak to in prayer.

Only acts of love raise the spirit and possibility of a better world.

We all have a choice each day to which side of this question we will add, love and life or fear and death. Do not be surprised if the things you choose to multiply in your actions multiply in your life as well. All action brings reaction, and that is one of God's laws that there is no opportunity to violate.

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