Saturday, June 03, 2006

War Harms The Earth

War - the entire concept seems to go against the teachings of Christ. I must confess that I do not understand how "Christians" can support such a thing not forced upon them.

Not only the human mayhem, but the environmental damage is a sin against the Earth God gave us.

Damage is done to sanitary and waste disposal systems, medical facilities, oil fields, factories, and homes. The environmental damage is often acute and large-scale in military conflicts.

Aside from the immediate damage done, the citizen's ability to collect and dispose of waste is disrupted. So is their ability to grow crops.

Additionally, wildlife often gets in the way of such conflicts, or armies "living off the land" kill large numbers of indigenous creatures and destroy crops, ruining bio-diversity and habitat.

No small wonder God flooded the Earth to quell violence in Noah's time.

War has no place in an Earth Steward's life. Best to neither provoke it nor wage it unless no other choice exists for survival.

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