Friday, November 10, 2006

Whisper Simple Secrets...

Whisper Simple Secrets...

If you stare into the flickering brilliance of the candle flame,
Watch it until you can see the vanishingly small,
Somewhere in the back of your mind,
You might just understand.

A picture of the world rests behind your eyes,
That thought gleams as a fraction of the energy,
The same field that is everything's essence,
The web of white light it takes imaginary eyes to see.

Hold the world like a Christmas ornament,
Floating in a golden glow tinged with soft green,
There in the cupped palm of your hands,
Gift unto it a sweet gift.

Call the white light down from Heaven,
Do it with all your heart,
Let it flow through you,
Wash over this tiny blue globe of life - healing.

God gifts us each a spark of his everything,
Else we couldn't be here at all,
His children yet to mature,
Still in school.

If every thought you had was of something joyful,
Never would a hurtful day enter your life,
You have the keys to the Universe,
But Mother and Father say you must be a passenger first.

Think of pain and painful things come to you,
Drawn like flies to a rotting stench,
Think of joy and joyful things will come to you,
Drawn like light into the empty dark.

Call the white light down from Heaven,
Do it with all your heart,
Let it flow through you,
Wash over this tiny blue globe of life - healing.

Let's do it together.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
© 11/09/2006

Author's Comments

11:11 ONENESS MINUTE campaign launches on 11/11!

Subject: 11:11 ONENESS MINUTE campaign launches on 11/11!

Join us in the vibration of unity!

At 11:11 (am or pm), take a minute to remember
that we are all one!

From Peter Melton, Pass Along Team Member:

One of the things I love most about Pass Along Concepts, is learning about and promoting unique and fascinating campaigns!

Today we are sharing a project from our friends at Humanity's Team US. Launched in 2003 by Best Selling author Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations of God books), Humanity's Team (HT) is a world-wide group of over 15,000 spiritual activists in over 90 countries!

The global launch of The 11:11 Oneness Minute campaign is happening this Saturday, November 11th. and therefore gives us all a very powerful opportunity to remember that just like the time and the date, "That we are all One."

Here's how you can be involved! Everyday at 11:11 (am or pm) take a moment to remember how connected we are: connected to each other, connected to our planet and connected to All That Is.

The goal of this daily exercise is to shift global consciousness from the belief of separation to the experience of our natural connection.

We are honored to invite you to join Humanity's Team's Oneness Minute Project. Our intention is to create an opportunity to for you to align with others around the world in celebration of our unity.

Learn more and see the promotional movie!

Sign up for the free 30 day "Month of Oneness" email program!

See the amazing "Waves of Oneness" illustrated fable!

Get a Free Oneness Poster!

Here Are Some Fun and Exciting Things
Happening to Launch the Project

  • November 9 - We launch the website and announce it with an email campaign to all Humanity's Team Teammates in the United States as well to the Oneness Minute Ambassadors throughout the world.

  • November 9 - We launch the Oneness Minute email campaign to the Pass Along Concepts membership base.

  • November 9 - Listen as we announce the Oneness Minute Project on Coast to Coast AM radio with George Noory. The show reaches over 500 radio stations across America and around the world on the internet. We are schedule to be on after the news at 10:10 PST at the beginning of the show. Go to to find your local station.

  • November 10 - Oneness Minute promotion through Star Doves Network to over 500,000 email addresses.

  • November 11 - On Saturday, 11/11 we'll experience an extra powerful alignment of the One energy. At 11:11 am or pm, we have a wonderful opportunity to send an extra boost of energy to increase our Oneness consciousness.


We want to take a moment to honor the over 250 Oneness Minute Ambassadors worldwide who co-created the early stages of this campaign, and are now ready to share this message throughout the world.

What you have called heaven, too, is a state of being. It is the experience of Oneness, the ecstasy of reunification with All That Is. It is the knowing of the true self.

There are no requirements for heaven. That is because heaven is not a place that you get to, it is a place that you are in, always. Yet you can be in heaven (Oneness with All) and not know it. Indeed, most of you are.

This can be changed, but not by something you are doing. It can only be changed by something that you are being.

This is what is meant by:

"There is nothing you have to do. There is nothing to do but be. And there is nothing to be but One."

~ Neale Donald Walsch, Communion With God p. 148

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