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Hello everysoul!

As you can probably figure out from the title of this compilation - Doomsday Versus Bloomsday Thinking - I've been grappling at the real possibility that with the ginormous amount of cultural focus and news on doomsday scenarios of all kinds, many of which are trailing in the wake of the 2012 phenomenon, and notwithstanding the fact that, because of our collective "mismanagement" (which is an understatement) of our planetary environment (such as what is featured in the Oil Spill Updates below), a number of grave repercussions are likely to be inevitable down the road, many people are still subconsciously trapped into the vicious circle of a collective belief into such doomsday outcomes that it could develop into a looping self-fulfilling prophecy, which they are in fact co-manifesting, aided and abetted of course by the usual cast of evil agencies doing their usual "mischiefs" (another understatement).

To try to illustrate the kind of counterbalancing and cancelling, positively-tilted influence to all this doomsday thinking on our collective, subconscious mind, I came up with the notion of "bloomsday" thinking, meaning that if/when we instead focus the power of our collective belief onto the increasing likeliness that thanks to the growing cocreative efforts of millions of powerful Light Bearers and New Earth Midwifes all around the world (some of whom are featured in the new WORTH EXPLORING section below) we are now setting in motion an even more powerful collective subconsciously-held belief into a regenerated, pristine planet where all that is good and hearty in our souls will soon bloom spontaneously - a vision that reminded me of the magnificent ending of The Yellow Submarine cartoon movie by The Beatles... with it's giant YES symbolizing the choice we all have to say "Yes!" to such a New Reality for all sentient Life on Earth.

I'm utterly convinced that it is within our collective power to be instrumental in co-achieving such a Golden outcome, starting with each one of us choosing here and now Love instead of fear, Light instead of its absence, Bloom instead of Doom...

How about YOU?...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

OH! and don't miss Inception (Origines en français) - the new extraordinary movie by director Christopher Nolan now playing in the cinemas: http://inceptionmovie.warnerbros.com/ - The musical score by Hans Zimmer is pretty astounding too! More details HERE - A stunning illustration of the power of our subconscious mind and thoughts!!!

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"The Mayan predictions are far from 2012 doomsday prophecies. According to the Maya we will be leaving a time of darkness to enter an era of light around 2012. Some Mayan experts considered what the Maya wrote, "pure fantasy."What's interesting is the Mayan predictions ARE unfolding now, and are accelerating the closer we get to December 21, 2012. But, the ancient Maya never predicted the world was coming to a dismal end or a 2012 doomsday! You're worried. Concern about the future is what brought you to this site. I understand how you feel. When I first started to research the Maya sixteen years ago, I felt the same way. I worried too about 2012 doomsday prophecies such as pole shifts , earthquakes, asteroid collisions and more. But, now I'm at peace with what's happening in the world.There is a bigger brighter picture beyond the chaos and tragedies. I see now we have far more control over our future than we may think. Years of research and introspection have changed my fears to understanding. I now see that 2012 doomsday and other negative things are caused by our own negative thinking and actions. Worry and fear never changes anything for the better. In fact fear is attracted to itself. The purpose of this article and it's links is to help you understand what's happening in the world... see why there's so much chaos... and, know how you can find peace in the turmoil. (...) How fear controls us - The 2012 doomsday fears cause the hoarding of material things. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't have extra food, energy sources, etc. available. But, you can't prepare for 2012 by accumulating food, money, guns, etc. We have relied on the physical so long we've forgotten our source of true power and safety. Fear makes us REACT instead of KNOW. Fear causes bad decisions.Your safety lies within and always has. This time of preparation for December 21, 2012 is not about the material. It's about the spiritual. This study from Berkley, CA shows we are growing as a planet. The only way to make you look within is to take away your worldly safety nets as the Course in Miracles states above. This may feel like 2012 doomsday is coming true. But it forces you to go within and trust your inner guidance."

"If you really knew how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet."
- Byron Katie

"The fundamental contradiction of our time is this: we have built an all-encompassing economic engine that requires constant unending growth -- a contraction of even a percent or two is a crisis. But we are embedded in ecosystems that are indeed limited. There is only so much fertile soil, so much fresh water, so many fish in the ocean, the atmosphere can only absorb so much CO2 and stay benign. As Kenneth Boulding memorably remarked, "Anyone who thinks exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist."Shedding a way of life based on limitless growth, the celebration and reward of excess, and deeply ingrained habits of acquisition, consumption and waste is going to be an overwhelming challenge. The culture of "faster-bigger-more" will not yield easily to a new orientation where sustainability is the rule. We are going to need all the expertise we can muster to understand how we have overloaded the carrying capacity of our planet and its ecosystems -- and how we can tread from here on with a lighter footprint. Innovations in technology, law, policy and practices are absolutely essential. We must change the goals and rules we live by and create incentives and constraints to shape sustainable behaviors. We need new models.At a deeper level, I believe that living within the boundaries of nature requires a profound shift in perspective: we stop seeing nature merely as a limitless source of lifeless commodities to be used and traded and start seeing the natural realm as an astounding web of living communities that includes us. And we see that we do not live above and beyond the dynamic of the earth's operating systems that sustain life itself. After centuries of driving economies, we must learn to dance with ecosystems. When you see your habitat as a collection of dead, disconnected commodities to be manipulated for power and profit, you try to steer and control nature. If you see yourself embedded in an ecosystem that is fluid, that has thresholds, that is so thoroughly interconnected, self-organizing and emergent that is not only more complex than we thought, but more complex than we can think, then you don't drive nature, you dance. Let me offer some dancing lessons."

"Hello Jean! As always, thank you deeply for all that you do, for all the time you put into preparing such a feast of information (even though much is tough to digest, eh?) You are a public servant in the truest sense. As for the Gulf hemorrhage, and especially the Corexit used (and God knows what else), I wonder if it might help to suggest in a collective meditation, to offer thoughts of neutralizing it, to ask our elemental friends to help us render it neutral (non toxic). I often say such an affirmation whenever I see chemtrails."

- Pam (from Ohio) - And my reply was: "Thanks for your kind words of appreciation. Regarding neutralizing the toxic stew through a collective meditation, it would certainly not hurt to do this. Who knows the true extent of the power of collectively energized thought-forms and the miraculous effects our common goodwill can achieve? In addition to the mitigating efforts accomplished through our space family's technological wizardry, reaching out to the devas and other invisible Light forms who play such an essential stewardship role for the entire Web of Life on Earth would also certainly help galvanize the microbial activity that in the end will do the actual cleanup of the oil-bloodied oceans."

"Like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mohandas Gandhi and many other souls whose lives were shining examples of what the path of loving kindness and true dedication to compassion can achieve, yours has been a life dedicated to showing countless others that being true to One Self and resisting the temptation of violence and retribution is the only path ahead towards a future of Peace, Love and Harmony for all. May you be emulated by countless other souls. Namaste and happy celebration of the 75 years of your latest incarnation on Earth."





Peaceful World Conversations
As part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation, Peaceful World Conversations bring people together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world as a whole. Popular for years as Breakfast Conversations at San Francisco's Red Vic, the Peaceful World Conversation movement now enjoys a spreading popularity. The existing and evolving reality in which humans live has always been birthed in ideas, then expressed in groups and carried into action. World Conversations combines these factors and sends its participants out into the world to share their knowledge.  CLIP

World Cafe - Introductions
There are people gathering here in the World Cafe community from literally all over the world, and it is so exciting!!! I really want to meet everyone, and I know I'm not alone. Would you please tell us a little about yourself here, just as an introduction, so we can start to learn about each other? Where do you live? How did you learn about the World Cafe? What are your interests and passions? (...) Renee Jackson on August 4, 2009 at 4:16pmI live in Chicago, Il for the present, and was introduced to the World Cafe Model, a little over 3 years ago. Cafe's... along with other innovations have completely transformed the way I provide tranings, workshops, focus groups, and forums. I have incorporated this system in my work with parent cafe's, men cafe's, community cafes, partnership cafes within communities, incorporating Social Emotional Learning also as part of the structure of the conversation. They have been very successfull with creating collaborative relationships/partnership between parents, teachers, and staff. They said it couldn't be done, and it would never happen. They have been extremely successful. I have provided cafes across the state of IL, and other states...crossing systems that provide services to children, youth and the whole family. Whether it's child and family services, human services, health dept., education, etc...it works, if you work it! CLIP

World Café
Nancy Margulies presents an introduction to the World Café, see more at http://www.theworldcafe.com CHECK ALSO What is the World Café? http://www.theworldcafe.com/what.htm

Bowen in Transition (July 1, 2010)
Last weekend I attended the Transition Movement 2-day introductory training course in Vancouver, along with three fellow Bowen Islanders. We immediately and unanimously agreed to establish a "Bowen in Transition" chapter, affiliated with the Vancouver Transition network (called Village Vancouver).For those who might want to know a bit more about the Transition Movement, here's an overview of what we learned, along with a rough first cut at how we might adapt it to the needs of Bowen Island, where I now live.The first part of the course provided the facts about our unsustainable energy, ecological and economic systems, and outlined the main elements of the ever-evolving processes and activities that communities around the world are including in their Transition programs. It also outlined why it is so important for communities to  have a Transition program. Here's a draft of a graphic that we might use to explain the purpose and key elements of a Transition program to the community of Bowen Island: CLIP

Wiser Earth - The Social network for Sustainable Development

Bioneers is inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations. Viable solutions already exist for most of our environmental and social crises. The solutions in nature consistently surpass our concept of what is possible. Where we don't know what to do, we have a good idea what directions to head in. Once people discover these realities, it dramatically leverages pressure for change.That vision ignited us in 1990 to found the Bioneers Conference to disseminate breakthrough solutions. In 2006, the landmark UN Millennium Ecosystem report concluded: "Human activity is putting such strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted."The hour is dangerously late, yet there appears to be a worldwide awakening. The next ten years will be the make-it-or-break-it period to make a fundamental, large-scale shift. Bioneers has two keystone goals to help make this shift successfully. Connect people with solutions by popularizing breakthrough ideas and practices.Grow social capital by catalyzing, connecting and strengthening strategic networks, including bioregional and community-based alliances. As Bioneers celebrates our 20th anniversary, our ability to act as a fertile source for the urgent transition to a restored world is converging with an unprecedented receptivity in the world for innovative ways of thinking and acting. There is as much cause for hope as for horror. As David Orr said, "Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up."

The Chaordic Commons
The Chaordic Commons facilitates connection and collaboration among members.  Also we facilitate access to a considerable and continuously evolving body of knowledge about chaordic organizations and organizing.  From leveraging how others have discovered and expressed deep common purposes and essential principles of right relationship your intentions and projects can be realized more quickly and easily.Member projects  are exploring: - New forms of governanceInnovative models of business - Emerging concepts of citizenship - New models for ownership, investment, and philanthropy - New approaches to public-private partnerships and multi-stakeholder alliances - Dynamic approaches to collaboration - New forms of leadership - Generative models of organizational learning and change - New, more global architectures of relationship in every field

Foundation for Global Community
As humans, we believe that our highest purpose is to discover, live, and communicate what is needed to achieve a world that functions for the benefit of all life. Our home is a water planet called Earth, cradled in a
universe of beauty, mystery, and unfolding drama. We now know that everything from the largest galaxy to the smallest particle is part of one unified, whole, interconnected system. Each of us, individually, is important and unique. However, at this moment in history, we are being called to set aside any narrow self-interests and to act with integrity, consciousness, and a spirit of goodwill. Recognizing our common destiny, we envision a world in which love becomes the prevailing human function, cooperating together with all cultures, races, nations, and religions for the benefit of all life.

How to Save the World Reading List
In Beyond Civilization, Daniel Quinn says: People will listen when they're ready to listen and not before. Probably, once upon a time, you weren't ready to listen to an idea than now seems to you obvious, even urgent. Let people come to it in their own time. Nagging or bullying will only alienate them. Don't preach. Don't waste time with people who want to argue. They'll keep you immobilized forever. Look for people who are already open to something new. Five years ago, I became ready to listen, and, starting with Full House and Ishmael, began to learn the truth about what is happening to this world, and what we can, and can't do, to save it from civilization's excesses. Here's the updated list - 80 books and articles that have forever changed my worldview and my purpose for living. The fifteen most critical readings have a numbered triangle in front of them, with the numbers reflecting the order that, I would suggest, it makes most sense to read them in. CLIP



Recommended by Wendy Pergentile (bengalexfx@shaw.ca) who wrote: "For extensive and non censored news. They have captured the riots and corrupt police resulting in martial law. I want to participate in how wrong this all is. Martial law is not to be accepted under any means, and this is foul play in order to try to educate public its means.  We have to stand strong and fight this lined of conduct. I welcome any further discussion or brain storming. I read this morning in the Calgary Herald that a public inquiry to the police actions has been denied. THAT is so wrong! The media is twisting reality so much, that even the National post has written the protesters were the problem. They seriously do not want to admit, or be accountable for Martial Law that was enacted, and police bullying. I hope somehow "the people" can make themselves heard, and not feel hopeless due to the Act that was quietly a couple weeks before the G-20 passed by the government (and has expired now after-the-fact) that allowed the police to do what they did. I know the folks at The Real News will not let this go away without extensive reporting.  More people need to see their news reports." And my reply was: "I've bookmarked this excellent site and will use material from there in my next compilations. No surprise there! The Canadian media and most journalists are all too often such vapid sissies and pure propaganda organs for the elite. Perhaps this will help wake up some people that they are worst and obviously more cunning than the Pravda was during the Soviet era. At least the Russians knew then that they were being fed false news, propaganda and disinformation. Most people in Western countries have no clue that the media are in cohort with, or unconsciously covering up for some of the worst evildoers... Apparently you did not notice this yet in my latest compilation: Toronto police knew they had no extra arrest powers (June 29, 2010) "But they let public believe they had authority to search people who were within five metres of the downtown security perimeter." They never had such special powers in the first place - the Toronto police chief made this up entirely! - and acted entirely illegally when they made those mass arrests. At least the Globe and Mail reported that as did some other media - but without much outcry so far! No media inquiry either into this creeping police state we are becoming under Harper the Great Oiler!" MORE related stories: Lorne Gunter: Toronto police spin a web of confusion - McGuinty comes under attack over G20 moves (McGuinty has refused to say why cabinet passed the law in secret and never made it public. ... Blair later admitted he didn't tell the public despite learning on the Friday that the new measures applied only inside the G20 fences, not outside. Civil libertarians were incensed. They also were angry that neither the province nor Blair clarified the provisions until after the G20 was over and the regulation, which was only enacted for a one-week period, had expired. Amnesty International, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Civil Liberties Association have all called for an independent review of police behaviour."We are seriously concerned about the erosion of civil liberties in Toronto this (past) weekend," said PSAC president John Gordon The Canadian Civil Liberties Association demanded an apology of the Ontario government for using "war-time legislation" to suspend people's rights. CLIP) Much more through this LINK where one can see that this issue is petering out quickly as there is no media reporting of this past July 1st... MORE below in G20: A Corporatist Show of Force and Power in Toronto

Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world - TED conference  (13 min)

Most interesting video interview done in 1992 with Sal Rochelle

The Living Matrix Movie Trailer

Egyptian General - 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Japanese artist maps 1945-1998's nuclear explosions (6 July 2010) WE ARE LUCKY TO STILL BE ALIVE!
A Japanese artist named Isao Hashimoto has created a series of works about nuclear weapons. One is titled "1945-1998" and shows a history of the world's nuclear explosions. Over the course of fourteen and a half minutes, every single one of the 2053 nuclear tests and explosions that took place between 1945 and 1998 are is plotted on a map. A metronomic beep every second represents months passing, and a different tone indicates explosions from different countries. It starts out slowly, with the Manhattan Project's single test in the US and the two terrible bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended World War II. After a couple of minutes or so, however, once the USSR and Britain entered the nuclear club, the tests really start to build up, reaching a peak of nearly 140 in 1962, and remaining well over 40 each year until the mid-80s. It's a compelling insight into the history of humanity's greatest destructive force, especially when you remember that only two nuclear explosions have ever been detonated offensively, both in 1945. Since then, despite more than 2,000 other tests and billions of dollars having been spent on their development, no nuclear warheads have been used in anger. CLIP - Recommended by Richard Keber (srkeber@msn.com) who wrote: "Most interesting video - mind-blowing to see it this way. It's never smart to second guess God, but I've started wondering about Her Judgement in choosing humans to "steward" this planet .... or even each other..." CHECK ALSO Russian Parliament Committee Okays Nuclear Arms Deal (The treaty, based on a Moscow understanding between the two Presidents, calls for reducing nuclear warheads held by each country to 1,550 and delivery vehicles to 700 - ballistic missiles and heavy bombers - by the end of 2017. This is 74 per cent lower than the 1991 Start Treaty and 30 per cent lower than the 2002 Moscow Treaty.) Make sure to also read The Fear Factor and its related articles below.

Stars & Stripes FOREVER!
I, Sam the Eagle, present a musical salute to America.

Latest crops formations (celestial glyphs)

Crop Circles Map
This crop circle map shows where and when and what crop circles have formed this season - just hover over icons!

Amazing UFO Over NY
I don't think that this Mufon sighting needs much of an explanation at all. This pic really made me fall off my seat when I saw it. I will just present it in its own form. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Earth's upper atmosphere collapses. Nobody knows why (July 15, 2010)
The thermosphere recently collapsed in an unexpectedly large contraction, the sheer size of which has scientists scratching their heads. An upper layer of Earth's atmosphere recently collapsed in an unexpectedly large contraction, the sheer size of which has scientists scratching their heads, NASA announced Thursday. The layer of gas - called the thermosphere - is now rebounding again. This type of collapse is not rare, but its magnitude shocked scientists. "This is the biggest contraction of the thermosphere in at least 43 years," said John Emmert of the Naval Research Lab, lead author of a paper announcing the finding in the June 19 issue of the journal Geophysical Research Letters. "It's a Space Age record." The collapse occurred during a period of relative solar inactivity - called a solar minimum from 2008 to 2009. These minimums are known to cool and contract the thermosphere, however, the recent collapse was two to three times greater than low solar activity could explain. "Something is going on that we do not understand," Emmert said. CLIP

Spectacular Planck space images help explain universe (5 July 2010)  With a video
An extraordinary new image of the universe has been unveiled by the European Space Agency, pieced together from photos taken by the Planck space telescope. The telescope was sent into space last year to survey the "oldest light" in the cosmos, and took just over six months to assemble the map. Researchers say it is a remarkable dataset that will help them understand better how the Universe came to look the way it does now. Owen Holdaway reports. READ MORE: Planck reveals 'spectacular sky'

'Virtual human' Milo comes out to play at TED in Oxford (13 July 2010)
Microsoft has shown off its "virtual human" that reacts to a person's emotions, body movements and voice. (...) The live demonstration used Microsoft's soon-to-be released Kinect controller, which uses a series of sensors, cameras and microphones to interpret a player's intentions. Peter Molyneux's first game was a text-based business simulation game in 1984. The demo was conducted by an assistant, who showed Milo exploring a garden, learning to skim stones and finally confiding in him after being told off by his parents. "We're changing the mind of Milo constantly," he said. "No two people's Milos can be the same - you are actually sculpting a human being. Some of the things you are doing will change the course of his life."Mr Molyneux said Milo had been built using artificial intelligence developed by his firm Lionhead studios, along with technology that was "hidden in the dusty vaults of Microsoft". He said the system exploited psychological techniques to make a person feel that Milo was real. In addition, software allowed "complete control" over subtle facial elements such as blushing and even the diameter of Milo's nostrils, which he said could denote stress. "Most of it is just a trick - but it is a trick that actually works," he said. During the demonstration, the player egged Milo on to squash a snail in the garden. CLIP

Interview with Stephen Kinzer, author of "Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America's Future" on Charlie Rose

Key News: Abandoned Oil Wells in Gulf, NSA Internet Surveillance, US-Israel Nuclear Partnership, more

Key News: Banks Hiding Debt, Vatican Equates Pedophilia with Ordination of Women, Drug Company Hid Data, More

HAITI: SIX MONTHS ON (JULY 14, 2010 - 23 min video by Al Jazeera)
Six months after the earthquake that killed up to 300,000 people, the dust is starting to settle over Port-au-Prince. As it does, the deep wounds that fracture this country are re-emerging, more gaping than even before. NOTE from Jean: I watched this Monday night (July 19) on Charlie Rose show a MOST enlightening 53 min interview with Actor Sean Penn on his work in Haiti - which you can watch at http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/11127 - and then went on to check his website from where I picked the following excerpt below. If you wish to send a donation to support the excellent humanitarian relief work his organization is doing, you may want to give it to this group... Near the end of his interview Sean had some very spiritual insights to offer...

Beat the Rain
Since the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, J/P HRO has been on the ground, working every day to help Haitians not only recover from the earthquake-but to build a better future.One month after the earthquake, J/P HRO launched the Beat the Rain campaign to help relocate and provide shelter for Haitians before the rain and hurricane seasons began. The work of ensuring that the people of Haiti avoid a public health disaster from flooding and disease in the wake of the earth quake continues.Our work to date can be divided into three phases: (...) Now, as we enter our third phase of work, our goal is to develop a sustainable answer to the problems faced by the Haitian people. For all that we've accomplished, there is so much more work to be done. We need more doctors, medical supplies, and donations to help the people of Haiti meet their urgent medical and housing needs. And we need a continued commitment to help build the foundation for a better future for all of Haiti.While the earthquake brought a global outpouring of immediate aid, the worst thing that could happen now is for the world to forget about Haiti -and to let the people here sink back into the desperation that followed the earthquake.



Forwarded by Mark Graffis (mgraffis@gmail.com): Matt Simmons blew the whistle on the made-for-TV capping

Oil industry insider Matt Simmons blew the whistle on the made-for-TV capping of the so-called oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, July 15, during an interview on KPFK radio, the NPR station in Los Angeles.
Simmons, former energy adviser to the second President Bush, explained that according to his reading of the data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, capping of the so-called riser and the subsequent announcement by U.S. President Obama was "the biggest con job we've ever seen."
Simmons, creator of an investment bank catering to oil companies, told radio host Ian Masters that the real problem continuing to gush oil into the Gulf was not the 6-inch "riser" that apparently has been capped amid much TV hoopla, but that an open hole or cauldron perhaps up to 10 miles distant from where British Petroleum's cameras are focused which continues to spew 120,000 BARRELS per day, and that BP's much publicized effort to drill relief wells in what the company says is an effort to stop the flow of oil is nothing but a cynical publicity stunt.
"The dimensions of this lie are beyond belief," said Simmons, explaining that the idea of a relief well is "tricky at best," since trying to hit a pipe of less than a foot in diameter 35,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf may be entirely futile because the casing of the original pipe is not even there, having blown away at some point.
But Simmons noted that both BP and Obama continue to deny that this open hole, or cauldron, even exists, even though Simmons and others insist the NOAA data from satellites prove by speed of flow and depth of light that the amount of oil that has been flowing through the on-camera riser could not possibly account for the amount of oil that has spilled into the Gulf.
"The riser is totally irrelevant," Simmons stressed, adding "and there's no way to cap the open hole." He explained that BP continues to deny the open hole exists and theorizes the continuing flow of oil into the Gulf is really just the residue from what has already been spilled during the first 90 days of the disaster.
"There is denial that there's even a problem," Simmons said. "In about a month or two people will realize that this actually was the biggest con job we've ever seen."
Simmons also noted an additional danger. "What the researchers now believe is that basically is that between 4000 and 4500 below the ocean floor lies an oil lake that's somewhere between 100 and 120 miles wide and it's about 4500 feet deep. It's this toxic waste and crude and it's releasing methane gases that are absolutely lethal which is why all the fish and dolphins and sharks and whales are dying. And workers too, which is why so many have gotten sick, or maybe really sick.
"The health problems are so serious," Simmons said. "When you inhale methane you just die."
The only possible solution, Simmons insists, "is a small diameter low level nuclear device. They insert it down the well 18000 feet, and set it off. It will fuse the rock and glass, and it's totally safe, three miles under the seabed."
Radio host Masters asked, "When do we get the truth?"
Simmons responded, "Basically the walls are starting to cave in on BP. there are only so many things you can make up."
"But here's the really scary thing," Simmons told the Pacifica radio audience. "If we have a storm, let alone a hurricane, what hurricanes basically do is they churn up cold water from the base of the Gulf. This time it's not going to be cold water, it's going to be black poisonous crude. It will also shut down the 18 power plants along the Gulf Coast.
"So we're going to entrap 20 million people in harm's way."

BP floats 'static kill' plan to seal well (July 19, 2010)
Idea involves pumping heavy mud into the well bore to choke off the oil for good -- BP is preparing a new strategy to seal its busted Gulf of Mexico well which, if successful, could permanently shut down the flow of oil earlier than planned.On Monday afternoon, BP floated its plan of a "static kill." Kent Wells, a BP senior vice-president, told reporters the idea is in its "infancy" but said a decision whether to try it would be made in the next couple days. (...) BP's new idea of a static kill would involve pumping heavy mud into the well bore, to choke off the oil. A similar technique, called a top kill, was attempted in May but failed. The top kill could not overcome the force of oil flowing out of the well. But now that the cap is on, and holding, the forces involved are weaker and a static kill might work. "The static kill does give us a new option," Mr. Wells said. "It's encouraging at this point but there's a couple days of work before we'd be in a position to make a decision." The move, if it is tried and is successful, would effectively do the job of the close-to-ready relief well, which is now about a metre away from the original well. However, it will take until at least early August, and possibly mid-August, until the relief well is finished. Mr. Wells said the relief well remains "the ultimate solution." Debate between BP and the U.S. government about how to handle the situation has been vigorous since the cap was installed. Signs of trouble emerged on the weekend but all indications on Monday suggested the cap is working and that the original well is intact and solid, BP and the government said. There had been fears of a seep of natural gas about three kilometres from the well but it was determined to be unrelated to the BP operation. CLIP - THOUSANDS MORE mainstream news on the Oil Spill HERE


Monday, June 21, 2010

Prayer For The Earth - My Experience With It...

Dear Jean,

I hear the common thread of love for Mother Earth and concern for Her in your voice, in your readers' voices, and in the voices of other Lightworkers in other groups from many places. The first article in the latest issue of Sacred Hoop speaks of local shamans near Copenhagen working for change in Humanity's treatment of her with visiting shamans from the Peruvian Andes highlands. The shamans of the Southern mountains had never left home before, ever. I hear from members of the Longhouse Coalition on this subject often. I hear from the Progressives in my area often. I know ex-Wall Street traders who are concerned. The tide of Human consciousness is turning, most everywhere I look, towards love and concern for the Earth.

There was a prayer I said once a few years ago in a sacred place. I was drawn by the Universe to the top of Monk's Mound in Southern Illinois. This is the tallest of the Cahokia Mounds, a UN World Heritage site. It covers the largest area of any ancient monumental structure around its base. Monk's mound isn't taller than the Great Pyramid at Giza, but it covers more ground, over 14 acres. It was abandoned over 400 years before the first European Colonialists set foot in North America, since used only by local Indigenous Peoples for an annual ceremony and gathering.

At the peak of Monk's Mound, I was inspired to say a prayer while smoking a fine cigar of sacred tobacco. I, a White European born of this region, appealed to the same Creator and spirits my Red Brothers do. The same Universal spirit that hears the prayers of all Humanity, regardless of the name(s) called upon.

To the East, I called "Heal the Earth, heal Mankind, in perfect ways, in perfect time." I sent the tobacco smoke into the sky of the East with this prayer upon it.

I repeated this prayer to the North, to the West, and finally to the South.

In all of this, my intention was for the divisions between Human Beings to be dissolved and healed, and for them to understand, love, and heal Mother Earth.

As I finished the final prayer to the South, in the nearly cloudless evening sky formed a high, thin cross of cloud that stretched across the entire bowl of the sky to the four Cardinal Directions. In the Southwest quadrant of the cross, very near its center, was a single cloud that looked exactly like a Thunderbird with Coyote riding on its back.

The great-grandson of a Seneca chief told me upon hearing this that it meant that my prayer had been heard and found acceptable. That is what the appearance of both Thunderbird & Coyote together meant.

Shortly after, I was inspired to find a real, native-crafted turquoise and silver ring. It was three years later when I found it. The stone in it is round and mostly blue with brown streaks running through it. It looks for all the world like a miniature Earth. The setting has wings on either side of the stone. Every time I put the ring on my finger, I repeat the following affirmation and think of that evening atop Monk's Mound: "I am connected to, a protector of, and supplied by the Earth."

About two years ago, I attended an interfaith ceremony at the Headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America, which is near my home. At that ceremony, I led an interfaith repetition of the prayer I first said atop Monk's Mound that day.

I would say that working in a prayer for the Earth in our daily routines is something that might be good for Lightworkers. Especially one that recognizes that all of Humanity and the Earth are interconnected and inherently indivisible.

The disaster in the Gulf is a catastrophe. It is also a teaching moment. Think about the lesson of Earth-interdependence the population near the Gulf is learning this Summer. Mother Earth couldn't be more graphic in showing us the dangers of oil-dependence. I wish this had never happened, but it did. There will be no escaping it's lesson.

Love & light,


Monday, May 31, 2010

The Heartbreaker - The Ruin Created By Oil And The Promise It Holds Back

From the dying Gulf of Mexico to the deaths enroute to Palestine, continued subservience to oil is a deadly abomination we can no longer afford.

The only real reason for the USA to even consider a continued alliance with the brutal nation of Israel is to maintain a military alliance in the Middle East and access to oil.

The only reason to risk deepwater drilling in any ocean whatsoever is for oil.

Trains, planes, plastics, and automobiles, as they currently exist, are killing people and entire ecosystems around the planet.

At the same time, money spent subsidizing this agent of global death, from military expenditures to 'foreign aid,' to direct subsidies, robs from the financial resources that could otherwise be creating the sustainable, healthy technologies that should have replaced petroleum by now.

Over a trillion dollars spent on on Iraq and Afghanistan. Several trillion dollars of extra military spending supporting hundreds of bases all over the planet. Who knows how much in payments to foreign governments and officials.

If oil really is derived from ancient dead plants and animals, the results of desecrating the graves of all that ancient death is more death now and in the future.

The vast majority of our problems globally are a result of our collective failure to advance beyond these primitive technologies.

We can still have cars. We can still have air travel. We can still have trains. Ships were successful before oil. They can be even more so if we incorporate flexible solar cells into sailcloth.

The updating of transportation technologies to move them to clean energy sources would create millions of sustainable jobs.

There has never been more in-your-face evidence of the need for transformation of this basic part of the global infrastructure.

By Fall, we will have millions of voters in coastal areas who will have great reason to align with this purpose.

The atmosphere and the oceans are screaming for change. We need to be ready to push as the rock is tipping.

Dan Stafford

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Four Years Project

The Four Years Project:

 Excerpted from Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Network compilation at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2010/InconvenientTruths2.htm :

Recommended by Rudolf Schneider (res0@bluewin.ch) - Note from Jean: I've already registered the support of the Earth Rainbow Network at http://www.fouryearsgo.org/


A movement to change the course of the world.

What we do – or don’t do – in the next four years will determine the quality of life on this planet for generations to come. And you have a role to play.

We are living in a unique and critical time of human history – a time of great threat and even greater chances. On the one hand we rapidly approach dangerous tipping points where life as we know it will change irreversibly. On the other hand we already have the technologies and solutions we need to tackle this crisis of humanity. All that’s missing is a common awareness about the possibilities, and the political and public will to do anything at all.

We invite you to collaborate in what could become the largest grassroots campaign in history. Its central focus is an unprecedented level of organizational and individual collaboration to shift the trajectory of humanity’s impact on the world

Perhaps most importantly, it isn't run from the top according to some big master plan that everyone is supposed to work on. It comes from everywhere and nowhere, and it aims to spark a self-organizing movement, inviting all NGOs, companies, communities, and people to choose their most potent and visionary social improvement projects and commit to accomplishing them within the next four years – in the context of millions of others making the same decision. Its guiding principle is "Take responsibility for what you love as an act of service." FourYears.Go. seeks to catalyze a newly vibrant world of wildly diverse and inspired initiatives to co-create a better tomorrow now.

Spurred on by imminent planetary crises and the immediate opportunity for social transformation, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals are coming together to launch a global campaign that will motivate and align the actions of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals.

This growing coalition of NGO’s, in partnership, participation, and creativity of the world’s largest independent advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, creators of such memorable ad campaigns as Nike’s “Just Do It” and Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong,” has created FourYears.Go., a global initiative including a massive communications campaign executed.

The initiative is called FourYears.Go. (http://www.fouryearsgo.org/) because a time frame of four years is needed to apply the solutions we already know and to develop those we will still need. Four years to finally do it the right way. Four years that can determine the course of the coming thousand years of human experience. And the time to get going is: NOW.

Pachamama co-founder Lynne Twist describes the campaign and how it started in a very inspiring 30 minute video: http://www.dynamicvideos.net/FourYears.html

Dan Wieden one of the top ad men in the world was profoundly touched during a recent, Amazon rainforest tour he was on, organized by http://www.pachamama.org/. He decided that doing pro bono work for the Pachamama Alliance could start to make up for forty years of selling people things they don't need. His ad agency is now working on videos to kick off Pachamama's new FourYears.Go. campaign.

The official start of the campaign was 14 February 2010, but in the run-up there are already more than 250 organizations committing to the idea and implementation of FourYears.Go.

The first step for you would be to register yourself or your organization on http://www.fouryearsgo.org/ and start designing the projects you could commit to.

As this campaign builds there will be many opportunities for collaboration, and I ask that we continue the dialogue exploring how your organization can play a role and how the initiatives that you are engaged in can be enhanced with more participation and potentially more funding.

With enormous gratitude for the work you are already accomplishing and excitement about the potential of working together to generate the “great turning,”

Marion Callahan
Clinton Callahan

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Bill Would Create 10 Million Solar Roofs Across USA

New Bill Would Create 10 Million Solar Roofs Across US

by Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, New York on 02. 5.10

A great new bill was introduced to Congress yesterday (how often do you get to write a sentence like that these days?). Authored by Bernie Sanders (I-VT), it would create incentives and tax rebates for solar roofs and solar water heaters. The bill aims to get 10 million solar roofs and 200,000 solar heaters up and running--producing a total of 30,000 megawatts--over the next 10 years. Quite frankly, this is a very, very good idea.

Read the rest of the story at:


Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's good to see Readership up - and on the President's SOTU Address...

http://gl-zephyr.blogspot.com/ - Great Lakes area Wind Power & Hydrogen, renewable energy news.

I'm seeing readership up to 28 people per day average incoming site hits, and 31 feed subscribers for the GL Zephyr. Even the old site, which refers visitors here is getting an average of 29 hits per day.

These visitors come in from all over the world - I've seen visits from every continent, including South America, which has been rare for my other blogs. (I think that's due to the language barrier.)

It's good to know that at least some people value what I'm doing here, because it's strictly a one-person voluntary thing. I've never made a cent off this blog, but the news I share here gives me great hope, because I see POSITIVE environmental stories every day.  People all over the world are working hard to make new technologies succeed, technologies that protect the environment AND preserve our technical capabilities and quality of life. I see a future where people all over the world live in relative abundance, have safe, clean transportation and homes, and sustainable places to work. It IS happening, and entrepreneurs from across the globe are doing it, despite all the naysayers and people invested in the status quo.

Speaking of positive news, I saw President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last night. To me it was filled with positive rhetoric and ideals. The things that he was saying are things that many Progressives and independents voted for. I only hope that he really makes the moves toward clean and sustainable infrastructure in the United States in a timely fashion. He will need steady hard pressure on the Congress to get those intiatives done.

To be honest, I've heard by far the widest support for the infrastructure upgrades he mentions. The rank-and-file out around the country really want to see that done. I think the overwhelming focus on health care reform, while necessary, has held up infrastructure work that has far more popular support. People really do understand that infrastructure investments pay huge long-term dividends.

Many people I've talked to would have loved to see the entire second half of the $1.4 trillion-dollar "stimulus package" go into infrastructure upgrades and education instead of banking. I think that if the President had made THAT his first priority, he would be running on the top of a wave of huge popular support with a great success at his back right now. Maybe even enough to help him plow into the mountain of resistance on health care reform.

My advice to the president, for what it's worth: Switch focus to infrastructure and education in a BIG way right away. People get it on this one. They will support you.

Still, the speech was candy to the ears seeking to hear fairness, understanding, and support from Washington in difficult times. The speech had all the trimmings of great leadership potential. But we're past wanting candy. We're hungry for steak and potatoes, Sir.

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my efforts.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Massive New Solar Installations Planned; First Array Ribbons Cut...


This is some GREAT news on the energy front. Apparently the installer has contracts to install 1.6 BILLION watts of solar generation capacity in California and Texas.

Thank you for your dedication!


An Old Concept Of Mine: Guerilla Gift Subscriptions...

...Guerilla Gift Subscriptions was an idea I proposed a few years ago as a tactic to change hearts and minds toward more sustainable practices.

Basically, the idea was to look for addresses where you see Hummers and other obnoxiously large SUV's parked regularly, and note the street address down. Keep a list of such addresses going.

Once a month go online to Mother Earth News magazine, (Or another environmental magazine, but Mother Earth has a flair that appeals to those with a wide "independence from government" streak) and purchase a gift subscription for that address in the name of Anonymous Free or something like that.

I believe Mother Earth News is priced around ten dollars per year for a subscription if you save the paper and purchase it online. (Which saves the paper AND the fuel for the postal vehicle to deliver it.)

Voila! For ten dollars, you have just purchased and entire year of Progressive, environmentally sustainable how-to information and put it in the hands of someone who likely has little concern for a cleaner and sustainable Earth. For twelve months, they will be seeing stories on this subject. Additionally, Mother Earth News has been around since the 1960's, I believe. They have a LOT of experience with their subject matter.

At the end of the first year, you will have spent a total of $120.00 or so, and reached twelve households continuously. Given the "average' of two adults and 2.5 children per household, that is potentially 54 people to whom you have provided a year of on-going Progressive, Earth-first outreach, with zero face-to-face in-you-face interaction. There is no risk of confrontation.

And so you have it, the art of gentle persuasion, and you get to support your favorite Earth-friendly magazines.

Go forth - and subscribe people!

Thank you for your dedication.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Additional Support For The Ping-Pong Theory...

Guardian: Global warming to trigger “earthquakes, tsunamis ...

Sep 7, 2009 ... We seem to be living in an age where remote theory, ... Thermageddon and the Ecopolypse will cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and then the seas will boil! .... 535 volcanic eruption occurs what wipes out the US and Canadian grain crops. ... Volcanic Activity Windstorms Climate Change Disaster Studies ...
wattsupwiththat.com/.../guardian-global-warming-to-trigger-earthquakes-tsunamis-avalanches-and-volcanic-eruptions/ - Cached - Similar -

Climate change: melting ice will trigger wave of natural disasters

Scientists at a London conference next week will warn of earthquakes, avalanches and volcanic eruptions as the atmosphere heats up and geology is altered. Even Britain could face being struck by tsunamis: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/sep/06/global-warming-natural-disasters-conference

This one is full of references to other scientific papers on the subject:

Can Rapid Climatic Change Cause Volcanic Eruptions? -- RAMPINO et ...

Many major volcanic eruptions coincide with cooling trends of decadal or longer ... ANDERSON, D.L., EARTHQUAKES AND ROTATION OF EARTH, SCIENCE 186: 49 (1974). .... The Greenhouse Theory of Climate Change: A Test by an Inadvertent Global ...
www.sciencemag.orgScience Magazine16 November 1979 -

In The Wake of Haiti - A Re-iteration Of The Ping-Pong Theory...

...Which I first proposed in 2005. ( http://www.whizzyrds.com/2005_12_01_wind_archive.html )

I have been holding back from writing about this for a couple of days, because it is just so large and horrible I haven't been able to find the words. I have my own theory about where these earthquakes and volcanoes and such are coming from, and if it's right, things are NOT pretty.

Think about a rubber ball - say one of those Super Balls from when we were kids, the ones that were the size of a ping pong ball, but would bounce way higher than your house.

If you squeeze the top and the bottom, the sides bulge out, right? If you stop squeezing the top and bottom and you squeeze around the middle, the whole surface of the ball changes shape, doesn't it?

Now picture the whole Earth as a giant rubber ball. The squeezing at the top and the bottom are the weight of trillions and trillions of tons of ice at the North & South poles. Now all that ice is melting, and the water is moving toward the equator, changing where all that water weight is pressing on the surface of the Earth - so now the whole surface of the Earth is changing shape.

I actually stumped the scientists on Earth Talk with this about 3-4 years ago, and then a year later I saw a scientific paper published outlining the basic theory.

Now, what exactly effect on fault lines and volcanoes do you think it will have if the polar tectonic plates are rebounding upward while the oceanic plates are being depressed by having more water on top of them? Not a pretty thought.

We'd best get our act together with regard to making changes in the global climate and natural systems, because otherwise, we ain't seen nothing yet. Check out the Google search terms "yellowstone super volcano". Mother Nature can spank a LOT harder than we can stand.

My heart absolutely goes out to the people of Haiti. It is like Banda Aceh and the Tsunami, or hurricane Katrina on steroids all over again. And as much of a jerk as Pat Robertson has been about it, it is quite possible that the hand of Humanity's collective insanity is involved.

We must do better. We CAN do better.

Thank you for your consideration and dedication.

Dan Stafford

NOTE: The following compiled aggregation of stories was excerpted from Jean Hudon's archived compilation on Earth Rainbow network at: http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2010/TurningTide31.htm

Larger Magnitude Quakes Trend Up (January 17, 2010)
Over the last nearly four decades, the number of larger magnitude earthquake events has increased. To be objective in this count, we use only higher magnitude quakes. (...) Either Earth is flushing out seismic tension early, or it's going to be a busy year. It will be interesting to see if quake activity kicks up in California after the "unrelenting rain" forecast for next week. Not only does massive moisture promote landslides, it's also known to "lubricate' earthquake faults and add weight on underlying rock.

126 small earthquakes this past week in the Yellowstone National Park

Where Will the Next Five Big Earthquakes Be?
Quakes can't be predicted with the same accuracy as the weather, but a look at global fault lines and the geologic record suggests some places are due for a rumble.

- Los Angeles - Earthquakes have always been part of Los Angeles' past — and its future. In 1994 a 6.7-magnitude quake hit the Northridge area of the city, badly damaging freeways, killing more than 70 people and causing $20 billion in damages. But those numbers could be dwarfed by a major quake in the future. The geologic record indicates that huge quakes occur roughly every 150 years in the region — Los Angeles lies along the southern end of the San Andreas Fault — and the last big quake, which registered a magnitude 7.9, happened in 1857. Los Angeles has done a lot to beef up its building codes and emergency response in the 15 years since the Northridge quake and may be better prepared than any other major U.S. city, but its sheer size ensures that the next Big One will be bloody.

- Tokyo - Roughly the same size as California, Japan shares the Golden State's precarious plate tectonics. The nation's four main islands get hit regularly with earthquakes of varying strength. But while California has about 36 million people, Japan's population is nearly 4.5 times as large, and most Japanese live in extraordinarily dense cities. That puts more people squarely in a danger zone — nowhere more so than in the capital of Tokyo, which has a population of 13 million. A major quake struck the city and its surroundings in 1923, killing as many as 150,000 people. Although Japan has vastly improved its infrastructure since then and has the strictest building codes in the world, a similar temblor — which seismologists believe is almost inevitable — could kill more than 10,000 people and cause more than $1 trillion in damages.

- Tehran - All of Iran lies within a major earthquake zone, and the country has suffered terrible temblors before — most recently in 2003, when a 6.8-magnitude quake leveled the ancient city of Bam and killed more than 30,000 people. But a similar quake in the congested capital of Tehran — where more than 7 million people live — would be a shattering catastrophe. Unlike building codes in other endangered cities such as San Francisco and Tokyo, Tehran's are relatively lax, and many residents live in the sort of unreinforced-concrete houses that turn into death traps in the event of a strong quake. The Iranian Health Ministry once estimated that a 7-magnitude quake would destroy 90% of the city's hospitals. Tehran is so threatened that there has been periodic talk about moving the capital.

- Pacific Northwest - The rain-drenched residents of the Cascadia region — roughly from Oregon to southern British Columbia — probably assume that earthquakes are something for their neighbors in California to worry about. But Cascadia sits on top of major faults, and although it doesn't get hit very often, the region has seen massive quakes before. The most recent one was in 1700, when a megathrust earthquake that may have been as severe as 9.2 on the Richter scale struck the region. The geologic record indicates that a catastrophic quake hits Cascadia only about every 500 years, but the cities of the Pacific Northwest, like Seattle and Vancouver, are far less prepared than San Francisco and Los Angeles for a major earthquake, so when the next powerful temblor comes around, the region could suffer.

- Indonesia - It's called the Ring of Fire, a semicircle of violently shifting plates and volcanoes that runs along the edges of the Pacific Ocean, from New Zealand to Chile. The most seismically active region on the planet, the Ring of Fire has triggered countless quakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people, mostly in Southeast Asia. That tsunami was set off by a 9.3-magnitude quake near the northern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, a region that has been hit repeatedly by massive temblors, most recently a 7.6 earthquake in September that killed more than 1,000 people. Sadly that's a relatively small quake death toll by Indonesian standards — and seismologists expect more to come in the future.

Tsunami-generating quake possible off Indonesia: scientists (Jan 17, 2010)
PARIS (AFP) – A huge wave-generating quake capable of killing as many people as in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami could strike off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and the city of Padang is in the firing line, a team of seismologists said on Sunday.The group -- led by a prominent scientist who predicted a 2005 Sumatran quake with uncanny accuracy -- issued the warning in a letter to the journal Nature Geoscience. The peril comes from a relentless buildup of pressure over the last two centuries on a section of the Sunda Trench, one of the world's most notorious earthquake zones, which runs parallel to the western Sumatra coast, they said. This section, named after the Mentawai islands, "is near failure," the letter warned bluntly."The threat of a great tsunamigenic earthquake with a magnitude of more than 8.5 on the Mentawai patch is unabated. (...) There is potential for loss of life on the scale of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami." The letter gave no timeframe for this event but warned starkly of the danger for Padang, a city of 850,000 people that lies broadside to the risky segment. "The threat from such an event is clear and the need for urgent mitigating action remains extremely high," it said.

An Affirmation Ceremony For Earth-Stewards...

An Affirmation Ceremony For Earth-Stewards...

A few years ago, I bought a ring that to me symbolizes the Earth. I wear it to remind me constantly of my relationship to the Earth. It is an artisan-signed Native American piece of art. The stone is turquoise set in silver. The stone is packed in the setting with real tobacco, so the ring must be kept dry to avoid the packing rotting and causing the stone to loosen. To me, this is a very spiritual symbol. Every time I put the ring back on my finger, I repeat the following affirmation:

"I am connected to, a protector of, protected by, and supplied by the Earth."

This serves as a reminder several times a day (I have to take it off and put it back on every time I wash my hands or do anything with water.) of the nature of my relationship with the Earth, and my duty to it as a human being.

This is a picture of the ring:

As you can see, the stone LOOKS like the Earth as viewed from space in a way.

I won't advocated that anyone run out and buy every piece of Native American turquoise jewelry available and repeat my exact words, but I will advocate people to find a ceremony of their own to add to their daily ritual. Find a ceremony, even a small one like this, that heightens your spiritual connection to and remembrance of your duty to the Earth. Let it remind you of the beauty of our home world, of why you should be grateful for it.

The Earth is what allows us to exist. The web of life on the Earth is a part of what allows us to exist. The Earth literally protects us, from the vacuum and radiation and utter cold of outer space, if nothing else.

Give yourself a tangible and spiritual reminder of why you should and do love this beautiful blue and green world.

Thank you for reading.