Monday, May 31, 2010

The Heartbreaker - The Ruin Created By Oil And The Promise It Holds Back

From the dying Gulf of Mexico to the deaths enroute to Palestine, continued subservience to oil is a deadly abomination we can no longer afford.

The only real reason for the USA to even consider a continued alliance with the brutal nation of Israel is to maintain a military alliance in the Middle East and access to oil.

The only reason to risk deepwater drilling in any ocean whatsoever is for oil.

Trains, planes, plastics, and automobiles, as they currently exist, are killing people and entire ecosystems around the planet.

At the same time, money spent subsidizing this agent of global death, from military expenditures to 'foreign aid,' to direct subsidies, robs from the financial resources that could otherwise be creating the sustainable, healthy technologies that should have replaced petroleum by now.

Over a trillion dollars spent on on Iraq and Afghanistan. Several trillion dollars of extra military spending supporting hundreds of bases all over the planet. Who knows how much in payments to foreign governments and officials.

If oil really is derived from ancient dead plants and animals, the results of desecrating the graves of all that ancient death is more death now and in the future.

The vast majority of our problems globally are a result of our collective failure to advance beyond these primitive technologies.

We can still have cars. We can still have air travel. We can still have trains. Ships were successful before oil. They can be even more so if we incorporate flexible solar cells into sailcloth.

The updating of transportation technologies to move them to clean energy sources would create millions of sustainable jobs.

There has never been more in-your-face evidence of the need for transformation of this basic part of the global infrastructure.

By Fall, we will have millions of voters in coastal areas who will have great reason to align with this purpose.

The atmosphere and the oceans are screaming for change. We need to be ready to push as the rock is tipping.

Dan Stafford