Saturday, November 17, 2012

Putting Your Ink Where Your Beliefs Are

I thought for three years on what to get before having this tattoo inked. I wanted something positive and life-affirming that represented my core beliefs.

This tattoo is a customized composite of two other tattoos the shop had in-stock.

The dolphins came from one stock tattoo. The Earth with the wind turbine over it was another; however the stock tattoo had a peace sign where the turbine is. I had the artist convert it to a turbine.
The work was done by Inktown Tattoo of Lombard, IL. ( )

The dolphins symbolize peace and biodiversity for me. The one soaring over Earth is named Zephyr. The one swimming below the Earth is named Poseidon.

The wind turbine over the Earth symbolizes renewable energy cleaning and healing the planet, and bringing technology and nature into a sustainable harmony.

I got the tatt in 2010.


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